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For example, there may be a potential for emancipation if a child is over the age of eighteen, is not in school, and is supporting himself or herself; a child who is married or in the military may also affect or play into an emancipation matter, even before age These cases are fact sensitive, and meeting with an emancipation attorney to walk through the specifics of your case and how best to handle emancipation of a child and related child support can be key to both you and your child.

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As with most areas of law, time is of the essence with issues related to emancipation laws in Indiana, including filing for assistance with college expenses. Consulting with an attorney about the emancipation process and related issues can give you the peace of mind moving forward, and help in determining the financial status of the parties after the child has become emancipated.

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Indiana Emancipation Laws. Load more. Recent Family Law Blog Posts. Additionally, the Act covers certain Read More. On top of the emotional and mental aspects of divorce, it can also create complex financial issues.

Who can be emancipated?

Common questions By contrast, in most cases, a minor who is pregnant or recently gave birth will likely continue to depend on parents or legal guardians for financial support. If a minor is not married, the doctor may not perform an abortion unless the parent or guardian is notified first.

However, the physician may perform the abortion without notifying the parent or guardian if the minor does not live with a parent or guardian or if the physician's efforts to notify them have failed. The doctor may also perform the abortion without notifying the parent or guardian if the physician decides that:. If you are 15, you can marry if you meet both of the requirements listed below.

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If you are 16 or 17, you can marry if you meet one of the requirements. Read the Law: Md. If a minor does not have a valid marriage, the situation is not as clear.

When Does the Child Support Stop in Indiana ? Does the Child’s Enrollment in College Affect This?

A primary factor is whether the minor is self-supporting. If you become emancipated as the result of a valid marriage, it is a partial emancipation.

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  • It does not change your status concerning your right to vote, drink, sign a contract or to take other actions where the law limits minors. You can however petition the court to end your guardianship if you show proof of your marriage. In Maryland, in the question of emancipation by entering the military applies only to seventeen year olds. The minimum age to join the military is 17 years old.

    You must have the written consent of a parent s or guardian if you are under the age of Read the Law: 10 U. In general, a minor who enters the armed forces is likely to be seen as emancipated.

    Emancipation of a Minor | US Legal Forms

    This is because the government is considered to now exercise the type of control a parent might otherwise have. The Court of Appeals of Maryland notes that "Whether the entering of a dependent child into the military service constitutes an emancipation falls under the general principle that whether emancipation has occurred in a given case is a factual question. Futrell , Md.

    Sometimes it is necessary to look at what judges in other states have decided to give some idea of what a judge in Maryland might say. These cases can give you some possible considerations, even though they do not directly apply to Maryland. For example, courts in other states have looked at whether entering a military academy such as West Point or the Naval Academy constitutes "entering the armed services".

    If it does, then the minor should be considered emancipated. In Ohio, one court in a support modification action decided that entering an academy is not the same as entering the military.

    Indiana’s New Child Support Law

    Howard , 80 Ohio App. However, courts in other states have decided that enrollment in a military academy is not the same as entering active duty with the military. Zuckerman , A. McVey , S. It is not clear how a judge might decide this in Maryland. Talking to an attorney can help you to decide whether you might need to take court action and what your chances are of showing emancipation by virtue of entry into military academy.