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Is it hard to maintain a social life without being criticized by everyone? Well, yes indeed. Currently, everything is scrutinized, and the media is always ready to report on issues in the society.

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Traditional trends have changed, and many of them have been replaced by technologically induced or motivated ways or methods. For example, today, the old-fashioned face-to-face conversation has been phased out by social media platforms which promise more connectivity regardless of distance. Everything has either changed or taken a different form and hence the many changes in the society today. Social issues transcend almost every aspect of the society, and therefore, given the task of writing an essay on social issues, one is indirectly given the chance to choose from the myriad of topics within the field.

However, we have discovered that balancing between the amount of time taken by social media platforms and the old-fashioned face to face conversation can be a hard task. Hence, by giving you the opportunity to use our essay writing service, you have a chance to do something else, probably the face to face communication or anything that equates to having a proper social life. Almost everything in this world involves the social life. A growing trend has seen these religious gatherings interacting socially with their kind.

List of Current Social Issues

Their gatherings are embedded in strong values shared by group members. Drugs and alcohol abuse. The use of drugs and alcohol has been rampant among the youth and adult, who end up abusing them. Consequently, drug and alcohol abuse leads to changed emotional and mental health, which culminates in anti-social behavior. Government and social life. The government is known to be tracking the activities of people in social media to prevent any unwarranted posts.

Thus, governments around the world have engaged in creation and enforcement of legislation to control the activities on social media. The social media has become a leeway for hackers to bully people leading them into suicidal thoughts. The stalkers often take advantage of the weaknesses of the users to drive them into harming themselves or harming others through blackmail. Social media propagating bad vices. Some of the comments or posts in social media often lead to behavioral changes among youth who glamorize immoral values such as drug and alcohol abuse, teenage sex, and even radicalization of youth.

Education disparity.

People from rich backgrounds attend good schools that have proper amenities. Those from poor backgrounds attend schools that lack proper facilities. For example, Arabs that live in America have a high possibility of being trolled or even abused on social media. This necessitates the government to enforce responsibility in social networking sites.

Fashion has greatly affected the interactions among teenagers who gauge social class based on adherence to emerging trends. As such, they are least likely to engage with peers who come out as untrendy in the fashion sense. Family and single parenthood. In American society, there are cases of parenting that affects the lives of youth.

Some have been separated from their parents who are either dead or in jail, leading them to be subjected to foster homes. On the other hand, other kids have been compelled to live with single parents, which sometimes affecting their emotional and mental health, which may, in turn, affect their social interactions.

This is common in America. Obesity and social life. Body image has increasingly grown into a weapon that many youths can use against others in social media. People glamorize slim bodies of celebrities. Those who are seen to be fat are frequently embarrassed in the social media, which may lead to suicidal thoughts. Poverty and social life. Thus, the poor are often perceived lowly in the society whereas those who are reached are regarded highly. The power of advertisements.

Extreme advertising has created a form of brand loyalty where some people have been coaxed into buying specific products based on the frequency of the adverts. Even in some cases, they buy the products against their inner will. Students have a tendency of postponing their assignments due to the distractions brought about by their fun life. While it may improve their social life, it is highly detrimental to their academic life and most of them may end up failing.

In some cases, information on more than one website is provided where separate sites have been established for different chambers of the national parliament. These reports describe national parliaments in a variety of jurisdictions. They trace the establishment of the current national parliamentary systems and locations of these Parliaments. They also discuss the elections of each Parliament's memebers, the members' terms of office, and the legislative process by which bills are introduced and passed into law. The report covers 11 jurisdictions, the report adds India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Pakistan; and the report adds six more reports including the European Parliament and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

This report provides information on parliamentary oversight mechanisms of the executive branch in Canada , Germany , Italy , Japan , Poland , Sweden , the United Kingdom , and the United States. Specialized permanent or ad hoc parliamentary committees tasked with oversight of government actions in specific areas operate in all the countries surveyed.

Both the United States and Canada have established special agencies dedicated to overseeing government activities. In a five-to-two decision, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected petitions by two Jewish husbands against rulings by rabbinical courts subjecting them to the application of twelfth-century social religious sanctions not expressly authorized under Israeli law. The sanctions were designed to pressure husbands to comply with divorce judgements issued against them by rabbinical courts. The Supreme Court accepted the petitions only with regard to one specific sanction that was held to conflict with current principles of Israeli law.

The chart below contains information on laws regulating or banning the use of leg-hold traps in jurisdictions. In a number of jurisdictions the law generally regulates or bans all traps, or prohibits trapping in particular areas, without separately addressing the question of leg-hold traps. Countries with laws that merely provide in general terms that animals must be treated humanely have not been included. Some countries, such as India and Sri Lanka, have at times considered restrictions on traps but to date have not adopted them; such countries are not listed here.

This report includes surveys of 11 jurisdictions. Fuel quality standards, renewable fuel requirements, and vehicle emissions standards are covered, as are strategies for meeting international requirements to address climate change.

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The Convention Implementing the Schengen Agreement and the national implementing legislation in the European Union Member States requires business accommodations to see to it that foreign guests complete and sign registration forms and confirm their identity by producing a valid identity document. These registration forms must be made available to law enforcement agencies upon request if necessary for the fulfillment of their duties. Business accommodations must ensure that registration forms are safely and securely stored and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

They must be destroyed after a certain time. This report updates a report on the same topic issued from Because issues of national security are under the jurisdiction of individual EU Member States and are regulated by domestic legislation, individual country surveys provide examples of how the European nations control activities of their intelligence agencies and what restrictions are imposed on information collection.

This report describes the law of 12 nations and the European Union on whether the government, pursuant to a court order or other government process, can require companies to decrypt encrypted communications or provide the government with the means to do so. Some of the surveys provide additional information on related surveillance issues like the law on monitoring and intercepting communications.

The report finds that while there is a range of approaches among the surveyed countries, a majority make provision for specified intelligence or law enforcement agencies to obtain access to encrypted communications or the means of decryption under certain circumstances. Five non-EU jurisdictions are also surveyed.

A comparative summary is included. They describe the legal framework for the collection, use, and transfer of data, and examine whether existing laws are adequate to deal with online privacy in an era of rapid technological development and globalization. The law provides for registration of land ownership under the name of the government official in charge where ownership has not otherwise been established.

Additionally, it provides for the expropriation of the rights of use and possession of privately-owned land in the region. Such expropriation will be in effect until a political resolution on the status of the region is achieved. The constitutional, procedural, and political effects of these legislative measures, however, are debatable. This report includes surveys of the laws of twenty-one European jurisdictions concerning the legality of religious slaughter. All European countries that do not allow kosher or halal slaughter of animals are included; some but not all countries that permit such slaughter subject to regulation are also included.

The laws are in force in eight out of 29 states. October This report surveys the laws related to registration of beneficial owners and disclosure of information on corporate data in the European Union as a whole and in 29 countries. The individual country entries identify institutions authorized to collect information on beneficial owners, procedures for submitting and updating this information, existing exemptions from disclosure, and requirements for the government to verify the information provided.

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They also indicate who has access to the corporate data provided to the authorities and how companies can be held liable for nondisclosure, for providing false information, or otherwise violating relevant legal requirements. This report examines the emerging regulatory and policy landscape surrounding artificial intelligence AI in jurisdictions around the world and in the European Union.

In addition, a survey of international organizations describes the approach that United Nations agencies and regional organizations have taken towards AI. As the regulation of AI is still in its infancy, guidelines, ethics codes, and actions by and statements from governments and their agencies on AI are also addressed. While the country surveys look at various legal issues, including data protection and privacy, transparency, human oversight, surveillance, public administration and services, autonomous vehicles, and lethal autonomous weapons systems, the most advanced regulations were found in the area of autonomous vehicles, in particular for the testing of such vehicles.

Maps are included.

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Article 50 has never been used and presents uncharted political and legal territory. It is only applicable to the withdrawal of Member States. As there is no precedent for a Member State leaving the EU, negotiations surrounding the accession of new member states or the withdrawal of countries or territories that are associated with an EU Member State might provide some guidance. As an example of a withdrawal, this report will examine the withdrawal of Greenland, an autonomous territory within the EU Member State Denmark, from the European Economic Community.

This chart reports on jurisdictions that have laws punishing at least one of the three crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity, or war crimes. In cases for which it is known that the laws have actually been applied, that information is included. In accordance with the Paris Protocol and Israeli domestic implementing legislation, Israel has been transferring tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority PA on a monthly basis.

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The Israeli Defense Cabinet decided on February 17, , to freeze that portion of these revenues equal to expenditures by the PA in the previous year for payments to families of people killed, injured, or imprisoned for attacks on Israel. The Law does not expressly authorize the use of frozen funds for enforcement of judgments against terrorist act perpetrators or for furthering antiterrorism projects. This report describes the laws of eight European countries that prohibit investment in certain controversial weapons. Controversial weapons include those of mass destruction and those that fail to discriminate between civilians or combatants or cause disproportionate harm.

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