Nursing shortage research paper

This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Management, . The primary hypothesis of this research was: the nursing shortage problem is.
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Nursing Shortage

Health Care Workforce Challenges in New Mexico - A crucial yet often overlooked topic in current health reform debates is the limited number of health care workforce professionals. Couple these shortages in many health care fields with Victor V. Transforming the nursing profession in Saudi Arabia. Linda Urden. The Nursing Faculty Shortage: It's a bigger deal than you think.

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Scarce Resources: The Nursing Shortage. Nursing Mindfulness: The Bottom Line. Informal in-hospital care in a rehabilitation setting in Greece: An estimation of the nursing staff required for substituting this care. Despina Sapountzi-krepia.

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Nursing shortage

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Nursing Shortage And Nursing Turnover

Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. We will write a custom essay sample on Nursing Shortage And Nursing Turnover or any similar topic only for you. This decrease is attributed to the current shortage and high turnover of nurses. This current trend in the nursing profession has a great effect on the provision of health care because it has reduced the quality of care of patients, increased accidents amongst patients, absenteeism rates and staffing among others. Healthcare organizations need regular, dependable, highly efficient and fully involved staff to provide excellent patient care at all levels.

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Therefore nursing leaders and managers are highly depended upon in changing this current trend of shortage and turnover of nurses affecting the healthcare profession Hunt, The major causes of nursing turnover include increased work load on the unit, poor leadership style, lack of role clarity, non-recognition for good performances, contributions and capabilities, poor communication on the side of leaders and managers concerning critical issues that affects working in the units, lack of career opportunity and advancement, lack of team work, tight work schedule and inflexibility that does not match job needs, job that is too physically demanding, to mention but a few Hunts, Nurse turnovers have been noted to increase when there are nursing shortages, and they have both economic and non-economic impacts.

However there are solutions that when applied may reduce such impacts such as increasing educational and community outreach programs to increase awareness of nursing as a possible profession, providing educational re-imbursement to help existing employees obtain nursing degrees, increasing compensation and benefits, supporting flexible scheduling, and job sharing Hunts, They are responsible for hiring applicants and maintaining staff retention. These behaviors include encouraging staff to lifelong learning; inspiring staff education efforts like the tuition reimbursement, make sure staff has access to education and training opportunities, enabling high quality of staff recruitment and selection, and mentoring professional development amongst employees Huber, The role of the nurse leader is to influence people to achieve goals.

Nursing shortage

In case of nurse shortage and nurse turnover, the activity of the leader becomes more important. The leader creates and communicates a sense of purpose, discovers new ways to hire and retain nurses. The nurse manager on the other hand integrates and coordinates resources by developing staff friendly schedules, ensure that there are adequate staff on the floors at all times, make decisions that benefit the team, and delegate tasks Hunts, The leader motivates the nursing staff, builds trust and sustains commitment; helps develop leaders while the manager makes sure that the workload is not too heavy as this increases the stress level of staff, and result in staff turnover Huber,